In July, I spoke to Dr. Veronica on her radio show, “Wellness for the Real World”. Dr. Veronica is a medical intuitive, and the day I met her, last April, we had an animated talk. I told her about my work exploring Christmas Spirit as it transcends religious “borders”, and how carols have the power to heal our spirits. She got very excited and understood the idea immediately and added her thoughts about the high vibration of these pieces of music. She invited me to be a guest on her show and we had a great time! I hope you enjoy listening.  Dr. Veronica’s website is

I was delighted to be a guest of Shep Cohen on his WDVR 89.7 FM radio program “World of Work”. It was a one hour interview, which gave us lots of time to talk about I S.M.I.L.E. in New York Productions, its mission, many aspects of our caroling, my work with Christmas spirit, my book, “Defeating Scrooge” and also,  in the last 10 minutes, my work as a children’s acting coach. Shep Cohen is one of the leading labor and employment lawyers in the state of NJ. His love of representing working people led to his interviewing working people on the radio!