A New York Hanukkah S.M.I.L.E.

Artwork: Dylan Stasack
Engineer: Peter KarlDouglas Street Studios 
Director: Renae Morway-Baker
Music directors: Roosevelt Andre Credit

The Fabulous Fezziwigs on this CD:
Renae Baker, Roosevelt Andre Credit, Will Erat, Laura Darrell


1) Light the Candles of Freedom
by J. Wilde/D. Koneck – arr. R. Jandron

2) Ocho Kandelikas
by F. Jagoda – arr. J.S. Lessner

3) Hanukkah O Hanukkah
Traditional, arr. J.S. Lessner

4) Happy Hanukkah, My Friend
by J. Wilde/D Konecky, arr. R. Jandron

5) The Dreidel Song
Traditional, arr. N. Anderson

6) Candles of Hanukkah, Candles of Christmas
by B. Angebranndt – arr. R. Credit

7) Auld Lang Syne/God Bless America
Traditional, arr. D. Deal

Since 1997, I S.M.I.L.E. in New York Productions, led by Renae Baker (author of Defeating Scrooge) has been bringing New York City’s diverse population and visitors together in holiday song! The different caroling groups under the umbrella of I SMILE NY are The Fabulous Fezziwigs, The Broadway CAREolers and the Y’alltide Carolers. They can be found helping Madison Avenue merchants raise money for charitable causes during the annual Miracle On Madison Avenue, leading sing-a-longs at the New York Botanical Garden, serenading guests at the lush Lamb’s Club, at office parties, private parties, holiday teas, winter festivals and on stages of holiday shows. Every year, there are about 30 carolers who sing together in quartets, trios or larger groups in a variety of “gay apparel”. The carolers, themselves, are a diverse group who believes that holiday spirit transcends boundaries such as race, religion, orientation and geography. We believe it, because we see it, consistently, when we bring people together in song. Here are some of our favorite Hanukkah songs. The last track on the CD isn’t a Hanukkah song, but it is a crowd favorite. It is a special arrangement of ours, inspired by the astounding spirit and coming together of New York City we experienced after 9/11. We couldn’t just sing holiday songs that year. We were all aching, but inspired by our firemen and women, police men and women and by the strangers reaching out to each other with a deeper understanding of our human connection. This arrangement acknowledges that spirit, and we find that it is most appreciated during the most difficult times. By the way, S.M.I.L.E. stands for Shine My Inner Light Everywhere, and never are we more successful at that than when we are bringing people together in song. We hope you sing along to this CD and that it brings you much joy!