Caroling Styles

Caroling is a flexible art form!
May we recommend four ways to enhance your event?

impressionsYour guests will be delightfully surprised to find carolers greeting them with beautiful music as they approach your front door. How wonderful it is for us to see the steady stream of smiles passing by! How wonderful it is for YOU to welcome guests filled with holiday spirit!

strollingOnce your guests have arrived, let our carolers stroll throughout the premises, filling the air with their lovely melodies. Here you have an opportunity to give each guest a personal gift by allowing them to request a favorite holiday song… which will be sung right to them! Our singers are seasoned professionals; they are used to “feeling the crowd” for those who would like to have the singing near them and giving space to those who would rather have the music more in the background.

singalongMake holiday memories the old fashioned way. You provide the eggnog and cookies and leave the rest to us! It matters not if your gathering is in the living room of a small apartment or a large community room. Fireplace or no fireplace, your guests will warmly remember the party where they joined the carolers to sing request after request. Our carolers are a really fun bunch! We’ve got personality, and we know how to pull it out of even the most reluctant of holiday revelers.

hamIf you envision a party at which all of the attention is focused on the entertainment, we’ve got a bunch of “hams” who would love to hog your spotlight! These carolers hail from Broadway, after all, so you can be sure they’ll be at home in front of an attentive audience. For this booking, we recommend agreeing on the repertoire in advance, to ensure that you get the holiday show you desire.