Defeating Scrooge


Defeating Scrooge book coverPeople suffer during the holidays for all sorts of reasons. Renae Baker learned, first hand, how painful it can be to struggle to find joy during the holiday season. But as the founder and director of a company of Broadway holiday carolers who treasures her Christmas spirit, she found it unacceptable to go through another December with no warmth of the season bringing her joy.
     In Defeating Scrooge, Baker describes, with humor and pathos, the path which led her to her life’s work in caroling, her crisis of spirit and how she set about reviving it. In her journey to immerse herself more deeply into the carols, she discovers poignant life stories of the lyricists and composers, the countries in which they were written, what the climates in those countries were at the time and the catalysts which brought them to life. She also discovers fascinating histories about how the carols have affected people in profound ways long after their inceptions. 
     One of the truly original aspects about this book, aside from the fact that Baker is uniquely qualified to write it, is that she reflects on how we might apply the wisdom gleaned from the carols’ histories to our world and lives today. Baker shares her “Spirit Saver” process with us and explains what makes it work to reset and revive damaged “spirit triggers.” In addition to leading carols, Baker is also a sought-after acting coach in New York City. A scientific method she employs to guide her acting clients into roles in Broadway, film and television productions turns out to be the secret sauce in her process, and so she employs it now to guide us to a joyful and triumphant holiday season. The reader may take advantage of the workbook pages at the end of the book and begin their own journey through the carols. A perfect holiday gift!


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In “Defeating Scrooge – How to Harness the Power of Christmas Carols to Revive Your Spirit Any Time of Year,” (Morway Media) best-selling author, Renae Baker, affectionately known as “Mrs. Christmas” and “Carol Boss,” tells the story of how she set about rekindling her Christmas spirit after a painful holiday season without it. She found that you can’t slap a bandage on your ailing spirit in December and expect a joyful outcome, but that nurturing holiday spirit throughout the year is the most effective way to ensure that it is there for you when you need it. In this companion piece to “Defeating Scrooge,” Baker shares one of her favorite methods of journeying through the carols to help you revive your spirit day by day and week by week. In this one-of-a-kind calendar, the Defeating Scrooge Spirit Saver Process® is illuminated step by step. You fill in the dates, allowing you to stop and start according your individual schedule. Each page displays a full week of the process, with daily prompts. A stimulating question to spur the exploration in a direction can be found at the bottom of each calendar page, providing a launching pad when you’d like one. On the backside of each calendar page is a lined page for journaling the insights from the carols that have captured your imagination. Handily found at the beginning of the calendar, the extensive list of carols is a tremendous resource to help you start your journey through the carols today! “The Defeating Scrooge Spirit Saver Calendar” is a tremendous tool to help you take intentional action to make your holiday seasons joyful and triumphant!